Smartphone Client

Extending accessibility through
mobile devices

Connected Availability

NEC's UNIVERGE ST500 Smartphone Client brings greater dexterity and heightened control to call management by making an Android™ or Apple® smartphone an employee's point of contact. Able to transition between company network and Wi-Fi as needed, the UNIVERGE ST500 promotes workforce confidence that important calls won't be missed when out of the office or away from an assigned workstation. With UNIVERGE ST500, telephone and video conference calls can be easily made and received through an Android or Apple smartphone of choice and without it being overtly obvious that a call is being handled offsite.

UNIVERGE ST500 offers

  • One number and voicemail for uncomplicated connectivity and accessibility.
  • Worker caller ID over cellphone number to ensure constant and recognizable identification.
  • Simultaneous ringing of desk and smartphone client for maximum coverage.
  • Improved collaboration with smartphone video conferencing.
  • Greater transparency with one call history.
  • Android and Apple compatibility.

Continuous Accessibility

UNIVERGE ST500 can positively impact productivity and improve coordination especial of those employees whose job requires them to frequently be on the move by ensuring that they can be readily reachable, such as:




A Cost Saver

Being able to transition between company network and Wi-Fi as needed also means a cellular network can be bypassed when in the office and Wi-Fi can be used when working from home, in a remote office or from a mobile hotspot, avoiding the usage of phone minutes or potential overage charges