Smart Mobility Options

Today’s mobile workers depend on communication tools that accommodate flexible workspaces and allow free roaming wherever they are. The SL2100 ensures your team stays connected, but without the escalating business mobile costs.

Remote/home office

Users can enjoy a complete phone user experience from their home office plus greater working flexibility. Individual and business benefits include the cost and time savings of travel and even the associated costs of workspace.

IP Desktop handsets provide access to system features from the home, e.g. company directory, call transfer and more.

On premises

For the ultimate in-building wireless handsets for voice, text messaging and in-house mobility – NEC’s IP DECT handsets provide:

  • True on-site mobility that helps improve efficiency and productivity - resulting in improved customer satisfaction
  • A cost-effective in-building wireless solution built on proven technology

On the road

Use your existing Smartphone as a system extension complete with call control. Save on mobile call costs and remain reachable on a single number. The UNIVERGE ST500 Smartphone Client simply connects to the SL2100 via Wi-Fi or across the Mobile Data Network (3G/4G). If the smartphone is not connected due to lack of Network, the SL2100 can provide roaming by routing calls to your GSM number.

  • Save on mobile costs – lower call costs and maximize on existing investments
  • Single Number Reach

Customers Communication The SL2100 in action

Your staff are the most valuable aspect of your business; the SL2100 can make them more productive from day one

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